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The UK’s largest & most effective NHS Supplier Directory

Welcome to NHS Procurement, a unique and brand new online directory designed to help NHS buyers find suppliers quickly, easily and with absolute confidence.

Because our directory has been specifically designed and built to fulfil the needs of NHS Buyers, you’ll discover that every feature has been tailored with your precise requirements in mind. Working with NHS Procurement, you’ll have access to a comprehensive cache of relevant suppliers without leaving your desk or picking up the phone to negotiate.

Using NHS Procurement is fast, reliable and incredibly simple. Search for goods and services by keyword or company, then quickly request quotes from multiple suppliers to find the best deal.

Unlike other online directories, you won’t pay more for using our services. In fact, using the powerful inbuilt search capabilities of our site, gives you the ability to quickly compare thousands of suppliers, saving you both time and money.

Once you’ve contacted a supplier, you’ll have the opportunity to leave feedback for other buyers to assess. It’s a great way of sharing your experiences with other industry professionals. And of course, it provides an evolving and informative resource for you to refer to whenever you need to make the right buying decisions.

Powerful, intelligent and effective

Because every deal is a big deal, you won’t want to waste unnecessary time duplicating information. Simply fill in our straightforward online form and you can send your request to as many suppliers as you like with just one click. And with over 2500 businesses listed, you’ll find our directory offers you instant access to the UK’s most competitive NHS suppliers.

Don’t take our word for it though. Try us. We’re confident you’ll never look back.
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