And Another Makes Four!

February 18, 2011

Knightsbridge ensures maternity hospital has matching set of recliners for TV

Knightsbridge Furniture has donated a reclining chair to Southampton’s Princess Anne Hospital to enable the department to have a matching set of rooms for the filming of Channel 4’s BAFTA-winning ‘One Born Every Minute’ documentary series.

Run by Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust, the Princess Anne Hospital is a specialist unit for women and new-born babies and has already equipped three rooms on its labour ward with Kintyre recliners supplied by Bradford-based Knightsbridge Furniture. As the TV crew decided to set up cameras in four rooms, Knightsbridge offered to donate a fourth chair to the hospital to allow the same facilities to be presented in each room.

‘One Born Every Minute celebrates what it really feels like to become a parent, by taking a bustling maternity hospital and filling it with forty cameras,’ says the programme’s producers. ‘This ground-breaking and tender new series observes the dramatic, emotional and often funny moments that go hand in hand with bringing a new life into the world, from the perspective of the soon-to-be parents and family, as well as the hospital staff.’

Knightsbridge Kintyre multi-function recliners embrace a variety of options to meet individual needs within hospitals and other healthcare environments, ranging from compact models designed for tight spaces to chairs providing additional support through a snug containment back and equipoise arm. In a diversity of upholstery materials, including soft-touch waterproof and antibacterial finishes, Kintyre chairs are available with either manual or motorised reclining action: mechanical recline is activated by simple pull-cords, whilst motorised models feature twin motors operated by means of a handset. In both cases, the recline position can be stopped at any stage to allow the user to find the most comfortable angle.

All seams and stitching detail are positioned away from areas of patient contact and exposed wood surfaces are treated with biocidal lacquer to provide long-term protection against contaminant build-up.

For details on the full Knightsbridge healthcare portfolio visit:

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