Neopost launches inbound mail tracking software

February 24, 2011

Neopost, the UK’s leading provider of mailroom equipment, announced today the launch of neoTrak, an inbound mail tracking and proof of delivery software.

Neopost’s neoTrak is a revolutionary software package, strategically designed for mailrooms to track the progress of business critical mail (such as recorded delivery and registered post items) and parcels through to the recipient.

Developed for office managers, mailroom supervisors or Mail Centre Directors, neoTrak dramatically improves the management of your internal mail delivery process, increases department reliability via automation and decreases costs with improved productivity.

neoTrak is suitable for all types of organisation. Financial Institutions, Universities/Colleges and the NHS currently use neoTrak to track their business critical mail.

How neoTrak works
1. Scanned Entry
The receiving scanner logs your carrier and delivery date into the system.
2. Recipient ID
The neoTrak operator enters the recipient's name, and the receiving screen shows the location and routes the items to delivery.

3. Signature Capture
A signature capture device or signature pad enables delivery verification.
4. Desktop Tracking
With its 100% browser-based module, neoTrak allows delivery searches and pickups to be performed and alerts to be scheduled right from the desktop.

Never Lose A Package Again
Manual logging of incoming parcels is not only time consuming, labour intensive and prone to errors, it is difficult to manage because sharing information becomes a complicated task. With neoTrak software, you are able to track and report on every step a delivery makes in your company.

neoTrak also offers a host of reporting tools. From “time to process” to “delivery reports” which can be also exported to other software suites.

To find out more about neoTrak, please visit

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