Merivaara Practico Shoulder Arthroscopy operating table

July 26, 2010

East Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust have become the first trust in the UK to install the Merivaara Practico Shoulder Arthroscopy operating table in all of it's hospitals.

The Practico is the first operating table specifically designed for shoulder and upper limb surgery in the beach chair position.

The low cost table offers a number of cost cutting features including:-

Eliminates manual handling - positioning is at the touch of a button.
Large removable sections in the back section offer optimum surgical access.
The Unique head rest is adjustable in height, angle, attitude and can be moved from side to side and can safely accommodate all patients
The unique multi-position arm rest and support belt system holds the patient securely in position.
Using the Practico has been shown to save on average 20 minutes per patient, improving productivity by 20%.
More than fifty Practico shoulder tables are currently in use in the NHS & Private Sector Hospitals.

Further details can be obtained from Europa Medical Services

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