Prestegious Level 1 Recommendation for Hygiena from RRP

July 26, 2010

Hygiena International, global supplier of rapid hygiene testing systems, have gained yet another accolade to add to their latest business innovation award. They were recently advised of their Level 1 recommendation by the Rapid Review Panel (RRP), who certified that “Following a basic research and development, validation and in-use evaluations, the Hygiena SystemSURE ATP monitoring system has shown benefits that are available to NHS bodies to include as appropriate in their cleaning, hygiene or infection control protocols (recommendation 1)”.

The SystemSURE Plus ATP monitoring system, which comprises a handheld luminometer and swabs, works through the collection and quantification of ATP remaining in organic residues still present following conventional cleaning operations.

The identification of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) as an indicator of surface cleanliness has become an established hygiene technology within the healthcare market. ATP is the energy molecule present in all living cells, and its’ presence is evidence of organic contamination, which can provide the nutrient base for the growth of harmful bacteria and infectious micro-organisms.

Using bioluminescence technology, the Hygiena SystemSURE Plus ATP monitoring equipment provides rapid indications of ATP levels and the hygienic status of contact surfaces, so that appropriate corrective action can be taken without delay.

The Rapid Review Panel is a government funded initiative set up to evaluate new technologies that can help in the fight against healthcare acquired infection. The panel provides an assessment of new and novel equipment, materials, and other products or protocols that may be of value to the NHS in improving hospital infection control.

Hygiena International has now been invited to take part in the Showcase Hospitals Programme, which covers seven preselected hospitals across England within the programme. The Hygiena SystemSURE ATP monitoring system will be trialled for a number of months and findings reported back to the Innovations Programme. Working with the NHS Technology Adoption Centre, they develop technical and economic business cases for Rapid Review Panel technologies.

The hospitals gain invaluable knowledge about the practical aspects of using the products in real situations. They will then be able to share their experiences, ranging from training needs and getting the products adopted, through to patient experiences.

Hygiena’s SystemSURE ATP hygiene monitoring system joins only 150 other products achieving Level 1 recommendation since the RRP first sitting back in 2004. The panel has reviewed many products and only those deemed to “have shown benefits that should be available to NHS bodies to include as appropriate in their cleaning, hygiene or infection control protocols” are awarded the highly prestigious Level 1 recommendation.

Given Health Facilities Scotland’s decision last year to also select the Hygiena SystemSURE above competitor systems, Hygiena International continues to go from strength to strength, proving that their system quality and service, together with excellent support and pricing, far outweigh other manufacturers’ equipment.

A leading quality and safety laboratory in the USA also put the Hygiena system ahead of the rest when its comparison report was recently published. This study is the biggest of its kind and compares all the commercially available ATP systems. '

Further information is available on request

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