Highly specific monoclonal antibodies available from Randox Life Sciences

July 27, 2010

Randox Life Sciences is a recognised primary manufacturer of high quality, cost effective monoclonal antibodies to both classic and novel targets.

The complete product range is manufactured at our state of the art facilities in the United Kingdom and are certified to the highest quality standards including ISO13485: 2003, UKAS ILAC G-13:2007 and ISO17025.

Our comprehensive range includes Estradiol, Fatty Acid Binding Protein (Heart), Granulocyte Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor, Intercellular Adhesion Molecule I, L-selectin, Norketamine, Salbutamol, TCA, Tetracycline, Testosterone and Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (Beta Specific).

All of our monoclonal antibodies are produced from immortal cell lines giving rise to a constant and homogenous supply of highly specific, high affinity antibodies with limited cross reactivity suitable for a wide range of research and development applications.

A custom manufacturing service is also available allowing the customer to use Randox Life Science’s expertise to obtain the antibody and/or protein most relevant to their line of work. Having developed the technology to create sheep hybridomas, Randox Life sciences can now custom manufacture very high affinity sheep monoclonal antibodies offering considerable advantages over conventional rodent monoclonal antibodies in terms of improved sensitivity and specificity. Services available include:

• Sheep immunisation
• Polyclonal antibody evaluation
• Fusion and hybridoma analysis
• Production of mg quantities of antibody

For more information on monoclonal antibodies and our range of custom manufacturing services please visit


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