New cleaning liquid is made from plant oils

June 13, 2011

A new revolutionary cleaning liquid made from plant oils is good news for cleaners - it is known to be healthy for the skin!

The new liquid - branded Wetrok Libero and distributed through Jigsaw Cleaning Systems - is made from plant oils and is known to be highly effective in all cleaning situations across floors and other surfaces.

Libero is Italian for ‘free’ - and the liquid is free from a host of chemicals including soap, complexing agents, solvents, salts, alcali, acid, phosphates, colouring and perfume. Unusually, this liquid is also very effective for window and glass cleaning.

Professor Daniel Berti, of Wetork, said: “This new product is a plant-based microemulsion. Milk is an emulsion of water and droplets of milk fat, that is why it cleans dirt that is soluble in water as well as dirt that is soluble in oil. Its droplets of plant-based oil are extremely small and therefore the cleaning power is much higher compared to milk.

“The difference is the absence of any chemical ingredients usually found in cleaning products, and for this reason it cannot be judged as an eco-label under certification laws.”

James Blackhurst, managing director of Jigsaw Cleaning Systems, said: “This is a major breakthrough, this product will remove any fears about the effects of chemicals for the cleaning industry, particularly for cleaners themselves.

“Also, this liquid is adaptable for all uses and is even harmless if you happen to ingest some of it. In fact, it is proving to be good for the skin in all test results.”

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